Saturn In Libra - Order In the Court!

The planet Saturn has entered the sign of Libra until October 2012. BlueSaturn is pretty serious stuff.  Saturn deals with weighty issues of responsibility, structure and authority, and wastes no time getting down to business.

In Libra, this serious focus turns to relationships and partnerships of all kinds (romantic, business, adversarial, etc.) and the entire notion of “relating” in general.  It also puts the focus on marriage, which is vitally important to the sign of Libra, as are issues regarding law, civility, and fairness.

You never know which side of the scale you’re going to get when Saturn is in Libra.  On the one hand, history shows us this dynamic during the United States’ Civil War (1862-1865).  On the other hand, we’ve seen the glorious wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana (1981).  Sometimes you get both sides: The rock band Yes said “no” and broke up in 1981, only to say “yes” again a couple of years later to re-form.

The Judge

Saturn in Libra at its best brings out the Judge archetype.  It’s about being centered, seeing both sides of any situation with a clear and level head, carefully weighing the options, and then making wise decisions.

Saturn was moving through Libra when Ronald Reagan appointed the first woman to the United States Supreme Court, taking a step toward establishing a more balanced Court, a balance that continues to slowly equalize to this day, during this Saturn in Libra cycle, as Elena Kagan becomes the 4th female judge to hold a seat.

The next two years could see important steps forward in legal issues regarding marriage, especially the issue of gay marriage, or it could see some major steps backward.  It all depends on how willing and able both sides are to respond to the challenges wisely.

The Victim

Saturn in Libra can constellate at its worst in the Victim archetype, when all that is unfair and unjust in life dominates, and when the most important question becomes, who is to blame?

In relationships, what do you consider fair and just?  How objective are you?  How thoughtful are you in your relationships?  Do you lose center and make hasty, emotional decisions, or do you take time to think about it?  These kinds of questions will tend to arise while Saturn is moving through Libra (and if they haven’t so far, they just did when you read this), and with Saturn it's time to take responsibility rather than place blame.  Perhaps the most important question is, how do you relate to yourself?  Your relationships are, after all, a reflection of yourself and what you value.

The key is to strive for balance, while remembering that balance is very delicate work, by no means easy to attain.  Balance is not fixed or stable.  Once balance is attained it must be maintained, for it will constantly shift as relationship dynamics constantly shift.  Unless, of course, you have successfully managed to live in a controlled relationship, in a controlled environment, on a controlled path, and―scratch that... that’s not a relationship!

Albert Einstein said, "It's not that I'm so smart, it's just that I stay with problems longer."  It’s a gift to have Saturn in Libra at this time, with all of its potential for wisdom and relationship.  The wise decision, however, is not usually the easy decision, which is probably why adopting a judge-like mentality for the next two years can be extremely beneficial, as can staying with problems a little longer when necessary.  When things get out of hand, demand a recess.  Or bang your gavel and shout, "Order in the court!"    Take some time, on purpose, and consider what you're building for the next 2+ years.  Love can build a bridge, or love can build a wall.  The decision is yours.

Posted on August 2, 2010 and filed under archetypes, astrology.