I do chart readings via phone or Skype. Or, if you live in the Twin Cities metro area (Minneapolis/St. Paul), I do in-person readings as well as teach classes. Skype readings can be recorded on MP3.

75-minute readings are $200.

A reading can cover:

  • Your natal chart, in-depth,
  • Your upcoming transits (how the current sky is interacting with your natal chart), looking a year out, and/or
  • Your progressed chart.
  • Also: questions you have.
  • For return clients, we can also look at your Solar Return chart (your astrological birthday).

For new clients I prefer to discuss the natal chart for most of the reading, and touch on essential transits for the last part of the reading.

To schedule a reading, find out about upcoming classes, or if you have any questions, please contact me via the Contact page.

*** When scheduling a reading, please include your birth information: birth date, birth time, and birth place. ***

You can either pay for a reading and then schedule with Shawn via email, or schedule the reading with Shawn and then pay. Readings can usually be scheduled within 2 weeks. Please pay at the time of scheduling. Payment can be made here: Chart Reading. The payment process includes PayPal as an option.

Thank you!