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Planets in Capricorn - What is a Mer-goat? 
Presented on February 25, 2018
15.30-18.00 GMT
Webinar at MISPA (Mercury Internet School of Psychological Astrology)

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Capricorn, often considered the most “realistic” and disciplined of signs—ruled by Saturn—is, curiously, respresented by one of the most peculiar symbols in the entire zodiac: the mythic, imaginary mer-goat, sea-goat, or goat-fish.

Pluto is currently moving slowly through Capricorn, accompanied by Saturn in December 2017. In January of 2020, Saturn and Pluto will conjoin in Capricorn, an exact and extremely powerful alignment, with the Sun, Mercury, and Jupiter adding to the mix.

With the focus heavily on Capricorn for the next few years, it’s worth asking the question: “What is a mer-goat?” Through exploration of myth, cultural imagery, and numerous charts by way of the mer-goat, we can uncover hidden potentials within Capricorn, without being limited solely to the kind of hard realism often encountered with this sign.

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"Astrology, Psyche, and Imagination"
May 13, 2018
15.30-18.00 BST
MISPA (Mercury Internet School of Psychological Astrology)

Following the path initiated by Jung, yet paving his own way, depth psychologist James Hillman devoted his life’s work to returning soul to psychology. In his Pulitzer-nominated book "Re-Visioning Psychology," Hillman lays out his rigorously well-considered vision (or re-vision) of a psychology rooted in the imagination and the kind of imagining identified by Jung as the primary activity of the soul. As Hillman describes, "Fantasy-images are both the raw materials and finished products of psyche, and they are the privileged mode of access to knowledge of soul."

This webinar explores the archetypal perspective in Hillman’s "Re-Visioning Psychology" as a natural complement to astrology, via the book’s four main sections: "Personifying or Imagining Things," "Pathologizing or Falling Apart," "Psychologizing or Seeing Through," and, finally, "Dehumanizing or Soul-making." Chart examples will help illustrate how these ideas connect to astrology, can enrich our astrological work, and offer a unique perspective rooted in the depths of the soul.

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Neptune's Immensities
United Astrology Conference (UAC) 2018
My talk is scheduled for Sunday, May 27, 9:00 AM - 10:15 AM
Chicago, Illinois

During the Romantic Era, when Neptune was discovered, prominent art critic and writer John Ruskin noted, “The imagination is never governed. It is always the ruling and Divine power.” This talk explores the complexities, confusions, and other-worldly realities of Neptune, including the wide-ranging terrain of Romanticism, enchantment, the god Dionysus (god of theatre and wine), poetry, escapism, Eternity, illusion, and fantasy – all of which thrive via imagination. Includes film clips and chart examples.



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Pluto's Riches

I will also be presenting "Pluto's Riches" at the 2018 SOTA Conference (October 18 to 22, 2018, Millennium Hotel, Cheektowaga, NY) and in San Francisco for the SFAS (San Francisco Astrological Society) on Thursday, November 29, 2018. More details about both engagements, plus other "Pluto's Riches" news, coming soon!

In Greek mythology, Hades is the ruler of the Underworld. When a person died, it was said their soul descended into and would reside in the Underworld. Thus, the Underworld is a realm of soul (psyche) and a realm of depth, well-suited for archetypal exploration. The Romans named the god of the Underworld Pluto, which means “riches.” As ancient coins were minted from precious metals under the ground, Pluto’s riches, gems, and jewels can be mined from the materials found in the depths of the psyche. This presentation is an archetypal and astrological look at the symbolism and imagery of Pluto, with a number of chart examples woven throughout.


I am a guest on The Archetypal Tarot podcast, hosted by Julienne Givot, with whom I studied archetypes at the CMED Institute (Caroline Myss Education) in Chicago. We discuss many things!

Check out The Archetypal Tarot page for more information and to download the podcast.

Note this is Part 1 of 2, as we ended up discussing far more than we intended!



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Part 2 of The Archetypal Tarot podcast features a discussion of Saturn's current transit in Capricorn, and Saturn's upcoming conjunction with Pluto in January of 2020. Big, serious topics. Many thanks to Julienne Givot for having me on as her guest.


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The 6th House - With Twilight as My Guide

I am pleased to be presenting a new webinar at MISPA (Mercury Internet School for Psychological Astrology) this autumn. The topic will be the 6th house! The details:

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Sunday 22nd October 2017
15.30-18.00 BST
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The 6th House - With Twilight as My Guide

In traditional Hellenistic astrology, the 6th House carries a rather ominous label: Bad Fortune. What exactly does this mean, and what psychological insight can be gained by recognizing this quality of the 6th House? Through the symbolism of twilight -- recognized by cultures worldwide as a complicated transition time between day and night, the time when the Sun sets below the horizon but daylight has not entirely disappeared -- we can shed some half-light on the 6th House itself to understand the dynamics of planets that reside here or simply move through this house on any given day. This webinar features an in-depth look at twilight time itself, as well as numerous chart examples that offer a glimpse of the twilight dynamics of the 6th House, and how Fate and Fortune play a curious role in the lives of 6th House people.

For more information and to register, click here.

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